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Accidents are also known as ‘unintentional injury’ is an undesirable and unplanned event that can happen to anyone. But sometimes an accident and its resulting injury can be due to somebody else faults. And if someone else is responsible for your injuries, why should you pay for your damage. There’s large and complicated areas of laws that covers accidents, the injuries caused by them and determines the factor (may be a person or any company) responsible for the damage. Rooz law is one such law that represents injured people against insurance companies, helps them to fight for their rights and provides them the compensation they deserve.

Personal injury case

These are the cases which arises when a person suffers damage from an accident or injury, due to someone else irresponsible or careless act. This covers a wide range of areas such as Slip and fall, traffic accidents, abuses, defective product, animal attacks etc. If you have been injured in Greater Toronto Area, you can contact Personal Injury Lawyer Canada who will help you fight for your rights and provide you the compensation you deserve.At Rooz law, Personal injury law is practiced exclusively. Our initial consultation is free and you won’t have to pay anything unless you get all your money back or until you case is done. Our personal injury lawyers have simple fundamental principle-”the more we win for you, the more we get paid”.

Slip and fall accidents are very common. Generally these accidents occur when people fall and injure themselves on someone else property. Here the property owner is held liable for the injuries. According to the Slip and fall law in Canada you can be compensated by the defendant (which includes private home owners, organizations, business owners or even governments) for:

  1. Medical treatment- It is one of the major part of fall settlement. It includes the cost of ongoing and future medical care.
  2. Pain and suffering- here the amount is $340,000 in Canada, which means that even if you go to court, you cannot be compensated beyond this figure.
  3. Income- You can be compensated for “loss of earning capacity” if you are unable to work after the injury.
  4. Family members- The members of your family can also receive compensation, if it costs them time and money.

Right after an accident, the most important thing to do is to contact an accident benefits lawyer in Canada. Failure to do so can reduce your chances of getting compensation due to many reasons. These are if you fail to give notice to the defendant in the given time limit, your claim could be forever barred. Talk to our lawyers if you are within time limits and we will help you. We may help you understand what evidence you may need to get your compensation. Insurance company often asks many questions to proof that you are not truly injured or that you are responsible for your own injuries. We will protect you from such tactics of insurance companies and will work to provide your compensation.



Need an Injury Lawyer? Contact Rooz Law

Accident lawyer canada

We consider injury law of our clients exclusively, because we focus more on legal laws that require an injury lawyer. We have the team of injury lawyers who are proficient in handling any kind of injury cases, ranging in all severities. In all the injury cases, we strive to represent all the injure people against their insurance companies and offer to assist them in realizing their settlements and help in realizing the compensation they deserve.

In all of our injury cases in legal cases, we strive effortlessly to regain for our clients the maximum compensation they deserve in their accidental injuries. We aid our clients legally who suffered injuries in any kind of accident that include auto accidents, slip-and-fall incidents and for any health defect suffered by a person with the use of any defective products. We will in no way let our client get adjusted for a low amount of compensation, with the deceiving acts of the insurance firms, or in no way assert influence on our clients to adjust for a low amount of compensation. So, we advise our entire client to hire our accident lawyer Canada.

In all the ways possible, we will fight with the insurance firms in order to aid with our clients in helping them realize their complete compensation for the injuries they suffered in any kind of accident. In addition to this, we will also extend our services to the extent of fighting for our clients in protecting their rights in the court of law and see to it that the insurance firms are not taking any advantage of the client’s indiscrimination.

We initiate charging fees for our legal consultations and for fighting against the insurance firms, only after the case is completely done. All of our legal lawyers that belong to North York and Toronto always work for our clients on a complete contingency basis and we will charge fees on our clients only when the case is completed. Moreover, another additional benefit that we offer to our clients for injury cases are charged more fees only when they win the cases with our assistance. That means, our charging of fees are directly proportional to the success of the injury cases and to the realized compensation from the insurance firms.

We consider the fact in the legal services, that these selfish insurance companies may take advantage of the injury suffered persons who are not represented any injury lawyer Canada, and so we advise all of the injured persons to hire a lawyer for their legal needs and get compensated accordingly for their suffered injuries.

We assure all of our clients to hire us for their personal injuries suffered and realize their compensations from the insurance firms. It is also advised that the persons who suffered injuries hire a personal injury lawyer Canada immediately after suffering an injury from an accident.

We always advise our clients to observe the fact that we have a successful track record of winning in many such injury cases and realizing compensations for their injuries from the insurance firms. Other activities that we take up in support of our clients include disbursements and the payments of expenses for the costs of gathering required medical records and for other medical examinations.